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Agri-Zyme (1 Lt)

Agri-Zyme (1 Lt)

Crop Tonics
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Product Information:
“Agri-zyme" is a plant nourishing tonic ,which helps in vigorous crop development and better yield. Agri-zyme is suitable for all Agriculture, Horticulture, plantation and ornamental crop.
Sea weed extracts- 25% and Hormones and growth boosters- traces
Special features:
•    Cytokinin  and Auxin contents of Agrizyme increases cell division and elongation. 
•    Stimulates the growth and activity of selective micro-organisms. 
•    It energizes the plant metabolism. 
•    It  helps in quick and efficient use of translocated material. 
•    In drought condition it helps minimizes 1-2  irrigation.

Dosage & Application:
Foliar Spray: Dissolve 2-3ml/ liter and thoroughly spray until foliage is completely covered.
Spray after 30 days after sowing/transplanting.
Repeat spray at 15 days interval.

Compatible with all other agrochemicals.