Bio-ZN (Thiobacillus sp) Liquid

Bio-ZN (Thiobacillus sp) Liquid

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Bio-ZN (Thiobacillus sp) Liquid
Product information:
Bio-Zn contains Thiobacillus thioxidans bacteria that effectively solubilize zinc in soil thus, these bacteria ensure daily supply of zinc to the plants.

Thiobacillus thioxidans - 5 X10^11 CFU/ml (Liquid Formulation). 

Special features:
•    It improves the availability of zinc in soil and suitable for all crops. 
•    It secrets various acids that helps to decrease the pH of the soil. Due to this, the complex insoluble compounds like zinc sulphide, zinc oxide and zinc carbonate are synthesized into soluble form of zinc that can be absorbed by the plants. 
•    It increases the crop yield and improves the soil health by enhancing the nutrient content

Dosage & Application:
•    Soil application 
•    Mix 1 litre of Bio Zn with 100 kg of compost and broadcast in the field and irrigate immediately.
•    Drip irrigation 
•    Mix 1 litre of Bio Zn in 100 litres water and apply through drip irrigation. 
•    Seed treatment 
•    Mix 1 litre of Bio Zn in half kg of jaggery solution and mix the seeds required for an acre as per seed rate. 
•    Seedling dip 
•    Mix 1 litre of Bio Zn in 10 litres of water, keep the seeding roots 
•    immersed in the solution for 30 min and transfer to the field.
Suitable for all crops.