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Mango special (5 Lt)

Mango special (5 Lt)

Crop Tonics
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Mango Special
Product information:
Mango Special contains specific micronutrients along with growth promoters and specific hormones needed for mango plants to give best growth and fruit yield. 
•    Plant growth promoter. 
•    Hormones from microbial origin. 
•    Amino acids. 
•    Organic based stabilizers. 

Special features:
•    Stimulates flower induction and fruit retention. 
•    Increase fruit size. 
•    Improves the fruit color. 
•    Imparts disease and pest resistance to the crop. 
•    Reduce alternate bearing and fluctuations in annual yield. 

Dosage & Application:
•    1st Dose: Before flowering -3ml/litre
•    2nd Dose: During fruit set– 3ml/litre 
•    3rd Dose  : At early stages of fruit development-3ml/litre 

•    Suitable for Paddy 
•    Compatible with all other agrochemicals