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MnSo4 30.5 % (1 Kg)

MnSo4 30.5 % (1 Kg)

Specialty Fertilizer
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Manganese involved in breakdown of carbohydrates and nitrogen metabolism. 

Manganese Sulfate 30.5

Special features:
•    It is important element in plant nutrition which helps to increase chlorophyll in plant
•    It plays a pioneer role to survive plant from adverse conditions
•    Improves flowering, tillering and fruit formation.
•    Manganese develops disease resistance and increases the availability of Phosphorus & Calcium.

Dosage & Application:
Foliar spray: Dissolve 2 gram in 1 litre of water and spray on both sides of leaves. Two sprays are recommended: First spray Just before flowering and Second spray: 15-20 days after first spray.

•    Suitable for all crops
•    Compatible with all other agrochemicals