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Paddy Special (500 ml)

Paddy Special (500 ml)

Crop Tonics
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Paddy Special
Product information:
Paddy Special is a specially designed plant nourishing tonic for comprehensive growth, development and higher productivity of the crop. 
•    Inorganic - Trace micronutrients 
•    Organic    - Proteins, amino acid derivatives, Preservatives, Stabilizers and Aqueous Diluents. 
•    Microbial - Hormones of Microbial origin and Growth promoters. 

Special features:
•    Increases number of tillers in paddy crop 
•    Stimulating panicle initiation and grain filling. 
•    Paddy Special is suitable for application in the nursery and main field. 
•    Imparts disease and pest resistance to the crop. 
•    Results in better quality produce and higher yield. 

Dosage & Application:
•    1st Dose: In the nursery field 
•    2nd Dose: 15 days after transplanting – 3ml/liter 
•    3rd Dose: 12-15 days after 1st application -3ml/liter 
•    4th Dose: Grain filling stage-3ml/liter
•    Crops Used: Plantation crops, horticultural crops, agricultural crops, fruits and vegetables 
•    Suitable for Paddy 
•    Compatible with all other agrochemicals