Trichoderma Solid

Trichoderma Solid

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Trichoderma Solid
Product information:
Trichoderma contains spores of Trichoderma viride which helps in immunization of soil and plant against fungal pathogens. Strains of Trichoderma are highly rhizosphere competent. Once they come into contact with roots, they colonize the root surface or cortex. In addition to colonizing roots they attack and parasitize on other pathogenic fungi for nutrition.
Trichoderma viride- (5x10^7 CFU/gm) (solid formulation). 

Special features:
•    It induces plants to turn on their native defence mechanisms against pathogen and also act as antagonistic agent.
•    It improves soil health by destroying plant pathogens. 
•    It increases yield by reducing disease incidences. 
•    It reduces chemical fungicides application therefore cost effective and environment friendly.

Dosage & Application:
•    Soil Application: Mix 5 kg or 1 litre of Trichoderma with 100kg compost incubate for 4 days and apply to the one-acre field. 
•    Seedling (Root Dipping): Mix 1 litre or 2 kg of Trichoderma in 10 litres of water, keep the seedling roots in immersed condition for 30 minutes and 
•    transfer it to the field.
•    Soil Drenching : Mix 5kg or 1 litre of Trichoderma in 100-200 litres of water and drench 500ml solution near root zone of crop. 

Suitable for all crops.