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ZeN Biofertilisers (1 Kg)

ZeN Biofertilisers (1 Kg)

Bio Fertilizer
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4.    Zen Bio-Fertiliser
Product Information:
Consists of 5 Trillion microbes to provide complete crop nutrition.
Azospirillum: Nitrogen fixing Azospirillum bacteria (10 x10^12 CFU/gm).
PSB: Phosphate solubilizing Pseudomonas (10 x10^12 CFU/gm).
Frateuria : Potash mobilising bacteria (10 x10^12 CFU/gm).

Special features:
•    Zen Bio-Fertilizer fixes > 25kg/acre of Nitrogen, releases 15 kg/acre immobilised phosphates from root zone and increases 20kg/acre potash availability to plants.
•    Zen Bio-Fertilizer helps in yield enhancement by comprehensive crop nutrition
•    Zen Bio-Fertilizer increases yield by 20 – 25%
•    Zen Bio-Fertilizer improves the plant immune system and water stress tolerance

Dosage & Application:
•    Soil application: Mix granules from the container uniformly along with NPK (Chemical) or Organic fertilizers of 50% kg (1 or 2 bags) .
Apply to the crop while sowing top dressing.
•    Drenching: Mix granules from the container in 10L of pure or portable water, stir twice, keep it overnight, dilute it to 100L and drench the solution near root zone of crop.
•    Drip Irrigation: Dissolve the granules in 100L of water and keep it over night for activation, stir well filter thoroughly, then apply through drip system through the crop.
•    Along with seeds: Mix 1:1 ratio of seeds and Zen Bio-Fertilizer uniformly and sow the seeds along with Zen Bio-Fertilizer
Suitable for all crops
Compatible with all INM inputs
Don’t apply with Bactericide, if applied keep 5 days interval.