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Active Ingredient: Zinc "Chelated" with EDTA (Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetic Acid),
Crops: Corn, Sweet corn, and Edible beans.                                              Description:
    It is used as a fertiliser to overcome Zinc deficiency in plants, as well as a source of Zinc for those plants which require Zinc for their normal growth and higher yields.
    Zinc chelate is easily translocated within the plants, because unlike Zinc Sulphate it is partly systemic. Zinc Sulphate reduced phosphorous uptake and the phosphorous content of the shoots in plants, while Zn-EDTA increased it
    Zinc EDTA available to plant system very quickly. This is in contrast with Zinc from other sources which makes Zinc available very slowly, because a large quantity of such Zinc will be fixed in the soil. High pH conditions, zinc from other sources may not be available to plant. Zinc EDTA is versatile since it can be used for all crops and all kinds of soil.
100 g in 150-200 litres of water